CPR Service Center

» Connecting Point Repair Center

Antivirus Protection

Our service center provides individuals and businesses the support they need to keep their systems running the way they are intended.  Our certified technicians are available to work with you on all your computer, printer and network needs.    

  • Computer hardware problems
  • Virus or Spyware removal and protection
  • Printer repair & Maintenance
  • Data Backup & File Recovery
  • Network Security & Troubleshooting
  • System Installation & Setup
  • Server Installation and Support

Service Rates:
Carry-In Service:   $75.00 Per Hour ($45.00 Minimum Charge)  Our service department will provide you with an estimate prior to repairing your system.
On-Site Service:   $90.00 Per Hour (One hour minimum charge plus travel)


» Your Mac is in safe hands

Apple Authorized Service Providers (AASPs) are part of a network of Apple-authorized businesses that provide comprehensive support and repair services for Mac products.  AASPs employ Apple-certified technicians, who complete regular Apple training and assessments, so you can be confident you're getting help from qualified, experienced professionals.

Apple Authorized Service Providers specialize in:Apple Authorized Service CenterApple Authorized Service Center

  • Mac product repairs
  • Data transfer and recovery
  • Product upgrade and support
  • Mac system and software deployment
  • Mac integration in mixed-platform environments


 » Upgrade Central

Looking for a bigger hard drive or more memory?  Maybe a new video card, larger power supply, faster processor or new software?  Whatever your upgrade need, our service department can provide you with an estimate on all your upgrade options.  Providing you with all the pricing and information you need to help you decide if upgrading your system in the right choice.

  • Hard Drive replacement & upgradesUpgrades
  • Memory upgrades
  • Operating system upgrades
  • System & driver updates
  • Notebook Batteries
  • Replacement Power Adapters

Parts & Accessories:
We stock several replacement hard drives for notebooks and desktop systems.  Pricing varies depending on the size of the drive.  Memory and batteries
are specific to each individual system and will be quoted out on an individual basis.


» Structured CablingNetwork Cable

Your network is the backbone of your business.  We understand if you network goes down, so does your profit and productivity.  Our technicians are certified and here to keep your network up and running with little to no downtime.  When your network is running smoothly, so is your company. 

  • Wired or Wireless Network Installation & Maintenance
  • Remote Access and Network Security
  • Network troubleshooting and repair
  • Network hardware switches, routers and firewalls

Network Rates:
Cabling projects are quoted out specific to each enviroment.  Contact our sales department for a free quote on your next project.

» Data Backup and RecoveryData Recovery

The most critical component inside your computer is the hard drive.  All of your data is stored on this one device.  When this fails you run the risk of loosing all your documents, photos, emails and everything you have ever saved.  If your computer starts making a different noise or suddenly seems slower, it could be a sign that your drive is starting to fail.  These small warning signs if taken seriously could be the difference in saving all of the data stored on your computer. 

  • Backup and Recovery Recommendations
  • Hardware and Software Backup Solutions
  • RAID and Mass Storage Devices
  • Drive Cloning and Data Rescue

Contact our sales and support team and let us help you with your backup plan. 

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